4 Ways A Medical Practice Can Boost Revenue Cycle Management

With the introduction of EMR and advanced practice management software the general belief is that the standards of billing and collection will be like never before and every claim should be billed out accurately and collected upon in a timely manner. Unfortunately, according to industry sources, independent medical practices are still leaving as much as […]

6 Tips To Increase Revenue For Your Medical Practice

Maintaining a profitable medical practice can be highly demanding, specially when your best focus is on ensuring quality care for your patients. Like any other business your practice needs to operate with a high level of efficiency to remain profitable. If you intend to stay an independent practice at a time when so many other […]

6 Top Medical Billing Mistakes That Cause Denials

In Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, the common meaning of a medical billing denial is, when the insurance carrier refuses to pay for a medical claim/bill submitted to them for the healthcare services. As a practice owner or administrator, you should know very well what these denials can do to the financial health of your independent medical practice. Well, […]

CMS Regulations To Reduce Administrative Burden On Physicians!

Being able to focus more on patient care than paperwork has long been the desiderata of the physicians. With new CMS regulations for reduced documentation requirements from physicians for their outpatient Evaluation and Management (E/M) office visits, this need seems to be getting addressed gradually, starting from January 1st 2019 to over the next two […]

Optimize Your Medical Billing and Collections in 6 Simple Steps

According to a survey this year, independent medical practices leave 25-30% money on the table. Medical Billing has seen serious advancements in the past decade, with cutting edge technology now available to optimize each aspect of your medical billing and coding, however the results are far from satisfactory. One big reason for this disappointment is […]

4 Revenue Cycle Areas: Every Urgent Care Needs To Master

The Urgent Care industry is going from strength to Strength. What’s been driving this growth is their ability to provide affordable, efficient and quick medical care. This trend is sure to continue and as per projections the industry will hit $21 billion by 2020. On one hand the industry is booming and on the other […]

5 Tips To Maximize Urgent Care Revenue

The market is becoming more and more competitive and for an Urgent Care clinic to stay profitable and continue to maintain a positive cash flow, the revenue needs to be keep increasing. The scope and perception of urgent care clinics has changed and with this change, as a practice owner/ administrator you will need to […]


Contents OVERVIEW Documentation – Be extravagant with your Documentation! What Cosentus recommends for a robust documentation Strategy Workflow – When was the last time you restructured your Coding Workflow? What Cosentus recommends for an improved workflow Strategy Skilled and Certified Coders – Deploy learned and certified coders only! What Cosentus recommends as the essentials for […]

4 Tricks For Creating Profitable Urgent Care Contract Negotiations

Negotiating profitable contracts with Insurance carriers is critical to the success of urgent care centers. However, considering that Insurance companies constantly want to reduce their costs, this is easier said than done. The key is letting the insurance carriers know how by paying you more they are still going to save cost. We recommend you […]

7 Key Elements Of Effective Accounts Receivable Management

Table of Content Overview Key#1 Code It Right Key#2 Submit Clean Claims Key#3 Correspondence Is For A Reason Key#4 Effective Denial Management Key#5 Payer Contract Enforcement Key#6 Stick to the Follow up Promises Key#7 Stay on top of your Credit Balances Overview Arguably the trickiest piece of the puzzle, Accounts Receivable Management is the holy […]