4 Key Strategies For Effective Denial Management

One revenue cycle area that is cause for concern throughout all medical practices is claims denial. Denied claims not only add days to the revenue cycle and therefore disrupt cash-flow, but can also rob you of potential revenue if not resolved in a timely manner. Additionally, the cost of working each denied claim adds to […]

5 Signs Of A Failing Healthcare Revenue Cycle

At  Cosentus, we often sign new clients who have a very messy accounts receivable. Sometimes these clients will tell us that they are barely able to stay afloat, as their medical billing company has not been billing their charges out or they do not refile claims or work denials. These troubled practices are only able to notice the lack […]

Optimizing Medical Coding- Do It The Cosentus Way!

Here at Cosentus, we bring you fresh perspectives, effective advice, and applicable tips for fully optimizing your revenue cycle and maximizing collections for your medical practice. By following these tips, you will significantly improve cashflow for your urgent care center, anesthesia practice, orthopedic clinic, or ASC.   Accurate, compliant, and optimal coding is the back bone of a medical practice’s fully optimized revenue cycle. Our latest White Paper, […]

Preventive Denial Management = Sustained Cashflow

Cash flow is the lifeline of any business, and an independent medical practice is no different. As a practice owner or administrator, the best way you can ensure consistent and increasing cashflow is by preventing your revenue from being locked in denials. Management of denied claims is important and will remain so, but the main focus needs to shift from management to prevention. The benefits […]

Is Your Medical Billing Company Making Or Losing You Money?

The two most important positions in the success of any healthcare practice when it comes to increasing revenue is the physician and the medical biller. While the physicians work hard to provide the best care to the patient, it is expected of the biller to ensure optimal reimbursement for the physicians. We keep talking to independent physician […]

6 Tips to Optimize Medical Billing for Maximized Collections

The ever-changing healthcare landscape means coders and billers also must continuously update their skills and concepts to stay on top of the changes to make sure they are not leaving money on the table. With the introduction of EMR and advanced practice management software, the general belief is that the standards of billing and collection will […]

Community Health Topic – COVID-19

As COVID-19 has been officially declared a pandemic, we have seen overwhelming reactions from the community – ranging from nonchalant to full on panic-mode to everything in between. Schools, business, and events have been canceled, the threat of a monetary downfall is real, and unfortunately this has opened the door to struggles with obtaining basic […]

4 Reasons: Why Now Is The Time To Outsource Medical Billing

It can be difficult to decide if outsourcing your medical billing and revenue cycle management is the right thing to do. It can be especially difficult in our current state of the unknown. Many questions arise that keep you hesitant: Can I afford it? How can I be sure the job will be done right? Why should […]

4 Ways A Medical Practice Can Boost Revenue Cycle Management

With the introduction of EMR and advanced practice management software the general belief is that the standards of billing and collection will be like never before and every claim should be billed out accurately and collected upon in a timely manner. Unfortunately, according to industry sources, independent medical practices are still leaving as much as […]

6 Tips To Increase Revenue For Your Medical Practice

Maintaining a profitable medical practice can be highly demanding, specially when your best focus is on ensuring quality care for your patients. Like any other business your practice needs to operate with a high level of efficiency to remain profitable. If you intend to stay an independent practice at a time when so many other […]