Urgent Care Medical Billing Solutions

Optimized Urgent Care Billing &
Revenue Cycle Management Services

We provide optimized revenue cycle management services that are totally aligned with the clinical & business needs of the Urgent Care Centers. Our team has full exposure to clinical documentation and related workflows to excel in the revenue cycle management of urgent care centers like yours. This allows us to implement best practices from the beginning for your coding, billing and collections. We understand your goals as an independent practice & we know how to help you meet them.

Urgent Care Medical Coding Solutions

Our team of 100 % certified coders have thorough exposure to E&M coding, we help you bill the correct level of E&M for care rendered.

Urgent Care Billing Solutions

At Cosentus we believe the best way to manage rejections & denials is to ensure submission of clean claims in the first place.

Urgent Care Accounts Receivable Management

Effective Accounts Receivable management is critical for ensuring sustained cash-flow for a practice.

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