OB/GYN Medical Billing Services

The Top OBG YN Medical Billing Specialists in California

Medical billing for OB/GYN practices comes with its own challenges due to the ever-changing recommendations of new testing, procedures, supplies and technologies, as well as complicated patient AR. Having dedicated experts in your corner that understand the changes, global rules, and sensitivity that comes in this field is paramount. Our team is committed to providing you the best service possible, providing you the feedback and information needed to make your practice a success.

OB/GYN Medical Coding Solutions

Our 100% certified coders have the expertise to recognize outdated or under-utilized codes in order to maximize supply reimbursement and overall revenue.

OB/GYN Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

At Cosentus we believe the quickest way to improve your revenue is clean claim submission the first time, every time.

OB/GYN Accounts Receivable Management

Effective Accounts Receivable management is necessary for any specialty, but Gynecologist AR management is particularly crucial to ensure claims are paid appropriately, supply purchases are reimbursed, and patient collections are handled with sensitivity. This combined will ensure sustained cash flow.

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