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Managed IT Services for the Modern Workplace
Your Small Business IT Solution
Maximize Efficiency, Improve Productivity

We boost your productivity, enhance your security, and optimize workflow through customized IT solutions.

Managed IT for the Modern Workplace Your Small Business IT Solution Maximize Efficiency, Improve Productivity

It's also a known fact that a single glitch - from slow performing tech to a total system crash - can throw off your entire work day... or week... or month... Resulting in decreased efficiency and even compromised

You don't want that. No one wants that. You want to grow your business with strong IT operations - but how to keep up? Where to start?

What’s your IT issue?

Slow performing technology

Slow support times & drawn-out resolutions

System crashing/ Downtime

Security breaches

Band-Aid solutions/ short-term fixes

With Cosentus, you’ll never put “IT” and “frustrated” in the same sentence again.
We bring ease and efficiency to your IT operations, so you can focus on growth and scaling your company’s competitiveness.

Preventive Maintenance

30 Second Average Response Time

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Endpoint Security Antivirus

Your Virtual Chief Technology Officer

What do we mean by Managed IT for the Modern Workplace? We mean working from home…but feeling like you’re at the office. We mean maximizing your efficiency…from wherever you are. We mean feeling safe and secure, so you can expand.
Our rockstar technicians also help with:
We know that IT is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. Some of the solutions out there may not be right for your company—and that’s why we want to hear from you. Our goal is to understand your specific needs and craft a service plan that optimizes your efficiency and improves your IT resources.

We offer 2 comprehensive, customizable service packages designed to make your business easy and inspire growth.

Slow performing technology

Slow tech means slow business. When misconfigurations and lack of maintenance result in system delays, you’re not getting the return on investment you planned for.

Slow support times and drawn-out resolutions

Too often you’ve waited too long for the right fix to your IT problem. And when someone finally answers the phone…you get a robot, not a real person. How long does it take to get a human being on the line?

System crashing/Downtime

A system crash is the nightmare of any business owner—this halts progress for the day and keeps your staff from completing work or assisting clients. 

Security breaches

Your network isn’t secure, your emails aren’t encrypted, your system is prone to malware and third-party attackers—and it’s challenging to keep up with the latest security solutions.

Band-Aid solutions/short-term fixes

The same issues are occurring again and again, with no long-term strategy for reliable technology solutions. This costs time and money, and prevents your business from growing.

Preventative Maintenance of Servers, Workstations,
Laptops, Firewalls, Access Points

Fast-functioning technology can totally transform your business, and our goal is to make that happen for you. Our solutions will drive your business forward—and launch you above the competition.

30 Second Average Response Time

Our technical experts are standing by so that when you call, a human will answer—not a computer. And we have a reputation for rapid response times—with calls answered in less than 30 seconds.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring of Workstations,
Servers, and Networks

Say goodbye to downtime. Our rockstar tech team focuses extensively on proactive work: monitoring your system to address big issues in real time and respond to small issues before you’re even aware of them.

Endpoint Security and Anti-Virus

Our digital watchdogs protect, detect, and respond. With our Premium Security Bundle applied across your whole infrastructure, your data security is our highest priority.

We are your Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)

Innovation inspires growth. We don’t just implement already existing ideas—we bring the ideas by analyzing your systems and providing insights that help your tech grow alongside your business.

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