Optimized Urgent Care Billing & Revenue Cycle Management Services

We provide optimized revenue cycle management services that are totally aligned with the clinical & business needs of the Urgent Care Centers. Our team has full exposure to clinical documentation and related workflows to excel in in the revenue cycle management of urgent care centers like yours. This allows us to implement best practices from the beginning for your coding, billing and collections. We understand your goals as an independent practice & we know how to help you meet them.

Urgent Care Medical Coding Solutions

Our team of 100 % certified coders have thorough exposure to E&M coding, we help you bill the correct level of E&M for care rendered.

  • Provider education on clinical documentation improvement for maximized reimbursement.
  • Full reconciliation of supplies & medicines to ensure zero charge leakage
  • E&M level accuracy of over 99 %
  • Full compliance with payer policies as well as National correct coding initiatives
  • Statistical support with decision making for the practice

Urgent Care Billing Solutions

At Cosentus we believe the best way to manage rejections & denials is to ensure submission of clean claims in the first place.

  • Industry leading “service to submission” time
  • Claims first pass ratio of over 98%
  • All rejections worked on 24- hour basis
  • Maintaining & Updating charge master for accurate billing
  • Expected fee schedule for accurate payment posting

Urgent Care Accounts Receivable Management

Effective Accounts Receivable management is critical for ensuring sustained cash-flow for a practice.

  • We touch every open claim in our ageing reports once every month, this leads to a 20-25 % increase in practice revenue
  • 100% follow up on contact promises to close the loop & resolve the claim
  • Preventive denial analysis to reduce future denial rate
  • Industry leading appeal success rate of over 95%
  • Well defined dispute strategy to ensure all incorrectly processed claims are disputed with the payer & resolved, leading to additional 5-12% increase in revenue.

At Cosentus we understand the true needs of an Urgent Care practice & commit to fully aligning with the goals of your practice. You will be delighted with our full suite practice management & revenue cycle solutions. By implementing best practices throughout your revenue cycle, we optimize your collections & ensure sustained cash-flow for your practice, to allow you to focus completely on quality care of your patients.

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