Guess what?

We love medical billing. Bet that’s not a sentence you hear every day. “We’re guessing your office staff’s hands are already too full to perform the entire process enthusiastically…because it pulls time, energy, and resources from your daily operations.”

But have no fear…Cosentus is here. (We can’t help a kitschy rhyme). With 25 years of cranking out stellar solutions to RCM, you could say we specialize in the business. We are billing experts excited to partner with you. And with our locations across the country, we can offer you our services wherever you are.

Billing and Coding Experts for Your Office

Your One-Stop Solution for Optimized Medical Billing

Reduce AR & Maximize Collections

What is your practice struggling with?

Task overload can put your front desk staff behind on billing, which leads to significant—even crippling—loss of revenue. These are the 4 signs that your practice needs expert medical billers to manage your revenue cycle:

Your AR is through the roof

Too many claim denials

Coding errors

Insourcing overload, outsourcing issues

We're here for your practice.

At Cosentus, we shift the paradigm of your practice. We take the burden of billing off your back and make a complex process operate with ease, efficiency, and scalability. That’s right. We don’t just streamline your billing—we optimize your collections so you can grow your practice while delivering an outstanding patient experience. We offer:

Maximize your returns

You should be collecting
at a 98-99% rate...Are you?

Try our Collections Calculator to find out.

Your billing difficulties stop here

The result may not be what you expect. The truth is that most medical practitioners are collecting at a 75-85% rate, or below.

Take it from the experts

Our dedicated team receives ongoing training to ensure they are up-to-date on all the latest billing, coding, and collections procedures. We want to hear from you. We don’t just understand revenue cycle management—we love it. We’re geeks about it. And we’re at the forefront of all things RCM. You can be confident knowing that your accounts are in the hands of people who care about your practice just as much as you do.

Our Billing Specialists will handle:

Are you ready to optimize your billing?

“Free Financial Analysis and Customized Pricing.”