Multiple Experts for Multiple Modalities

Pain Management services have progressed and evolved over the years to include multiple elements of treatment. It is not uncommon to see Pain Management practices utilize physiatry in conjunction with physical therapy, chiropractic services, psychology and acupuncture under one roof. You need a team that understands this multi-tiered approach as well as how to mitigate the complications that often comes with insurance billing and follow up. Allow our unique experts to properly handle your unique practice.

Proven Success

  • Coding Analysis

  • DME Management

  • Outstanding AR Reduction

  • Reporting and Feedback

  • Overall Collection Increase

Client Approved

“We have been working with Cosentus for approximately one year, and month after month, our team has surpassed expectations and increased collections on our many service types. For those searching for top-tier medical billing, Cosentus deserves consideration.”

James Petros, MD – Allied Pain & Spine Institute

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