You’re an enterprise-sized business that alreadyhas a stellar IT team.

They keep things up & running—but this also keeps them busy. In fact, they’re so busy they can’t focus on the crucial problems that go unseen. Problems like:

Security Breaches

System Crashes

Vision Planning

Know Your Resources

Does your IT team have a resource for when they get stuck?

Technology is vast and ever-changing, requiring input from many experts
to properly address all aspects of running the business.

You want to grow and make operations more efficient, but faulty technology keeps getting in the way. Does any of this sound familiar?

CORE is the solution for you.

With our Core Package, we provide our best practice tools, security solutions, and processes to mold ourselves around the technology team that operates your business day-to-day.

Worried about security? Don’t. We apply our Premium Security Bundle across all the infrastructure of your business and provide 24/7 proactive and automated resolutions so your internal team can focus on what matters most.

We prevent potential issues before they become larger problems. Our goal? To augment your operations and launch your IT solutions to new heights. Scale your business without the additions of more staff, payroll, and management burden.

Core Offerings

24×7 Proactive Monitoring of Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Firewalls, Switches, Access Points – Triaging potential issues before becoming larger problems
Asset Management – Warranty/End-Of-Life
Endpoint Security/Anti-Virus Protection
Endpoint Protection – Detection – Response
Advanced Website Content Filtering
Procurement Services
vCTO Review and Planning – Virtual Chief
Technology Officer
Unlimited End-User support

At Cosentus Technology, clients come first. That means full accountability to businesses we serve. Visibility, availability, flexibility—all the “bilities” that optimize your efficiency and improve your IT solutions.

to get started with Core.

Security breaches

Sometimes a gap in security isn’t identified until it’s already too late.

System crashes

Short-term fixes ultimately decrease productivity and compromise growth.

Vision planning

It’s hard to plan for your future when tech issues keep you caught in the present.

Knowing your resources

You have IT resources, but you’re not a tech guru and can’t gauge the effectiveness of those resources. They could be fantastic…or they could be holding you back.

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