Meet Our Team

It’s all about the people you work with.
We love our work, but we wouldn’t love it nearly as much if we didn’t see these lovely faces every day.

Ajay Kumar

Head of COS

Ajay is the Head of Operations for our Cosentus Operations Support Division. He has been with Cosentus for over 20 years, in fact, he is the first employee that GS ever hired at Cosentus! This speaks to Ajay’s loyalty, and dedication that he has for our company. Ajay is analytical and has immense knowledge of operating systems and their various workflows. This is incredibly important for the multi-specialties he oversees.

Ajay and his wife Surekha are proud parents of two wonderful daughters Ankita and Akshita. They enjoy spending time with as a family and listening to classical music.

Amy Winter

Marketing Account Manager

Amy is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and her husband is from East Sussex, England. Their dog, Lily, is from MSP, Minnesota! They met in Duluth, Minnesota in 2014 and have been traveling the world together ever since. Amy is a big fan of running, cycling, hiking, traveling or binge-watching Netflix!

At Cosentus, she loves getting to be creative with how we market and brand our company. She enjoys the opportunity to work with clients on developing their company’s personality in the digital world and beyond! Accountability is at the core of Amy’s work ethic and commitment to service. Outside of work, Amy finds delight in her dog, coffee, donuts, country music, tacos, ice cubes in rose wine, and summers at the lake.

J.R. Thompson

Sr. Vice President, Special Assistance to the CEO

J.R. Thompson brings more than 35 years of health care management to Cosentus Business Services. For the past 14 years, he was an equity partner at abeo Management Corporation. He served in various leadership positions: President of Provider Services, Chief Marketing Officer, and Senior V.P. for the Texas, California and the Mountain Operating Divisions. Previously to abeo, he was Chief Operating Officer for Third Party Solutions (TPS) for 7 years. TPS was a $500 million medical billing and practice management company offering Revenue Cycle Management Services to Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway, Krogers, and other national chain drug stores. Prior to his role at TPS, he was an equity partner and Executive Vice President for Apollo Enterprises/The Potomac Group, a sponsor-backed medical billing services company. Mr. Thompson received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in Engineering from Central Missouri State University.

J.R. and his wife Gail reside in the Provo, Utah area where they love the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. They are proud parents of 3 children and 10 grandchildren. They enjoy spending time with their family and watching grandchildren participate in baseball, football, basketball, jiu jitsu, archery cheer, and dance. When not spending time with their family, they love to go off-roading in the Wasatch National Park and other parts of Utah.

Teeayr Ator

CTS Account Manager

Teeayr is our Customer Engagement Specialist of 4+ years, and she loves building genuine relationships with clients and earning their trust and respect. This works well with her definition of service—which means helping our clients thrive by supporting them!

Outside of work, she loves gardening, watching TV, bike riding, and solving puzzles. What brings her the most joy? “I won’t lie about it,” she says. “I have cried tears of gratitude over a plate of really good pasta!